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What's Cairns Like To Live In

And what's the best way to find out?


Every location has its unique qualities​ that make it alluring on brief acquaintance — however small — but what lies underneath all that exotic surface only reveals itself when one commits more time.


This idea holds even truer for Cairns: What's it really like to reside there? It takes more than fleeting visits to find out; staying on for two or more weeks affords ample opportunities​to sample its everyday life from within instead of observing from an outsider's eye​. For this length of stay period, renting ​a home offers many advantages over hotels or leases as seen at The Villas of Cairns. 


These villas offer the added benefit of situating near to areas like Edge Hill, making it convenient to connect with more than just Cairns but also the other attractions like the Great Barrier Reef.

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