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Cairns Accommodation Near The Airport

Minus the noise

Staying near an airport is convenient, but if you're too close, it can also be loud and jarring. It's better to make sure that your Cairns accommodation near the airport won't be under a flight-path. You can be close enough to make it a quick drive back to the airport, yet miss out on all of the roaring jet noise, pollution, and the sound of people rushing by your hotel door at all odd hours.

So why not choose the best of both worlds? Edge Hill is just a ten minute drive to the airport and it's definitely your best option for Cairns accommodation near the airport. Tucked in the Botanical Gardens, you won't experience the roaring sound of planes flying overhead, as you would in the city. Edge Hill is just as close, if not closer to the airport, but it isn't under a flight-path. 

One of the things that really makes this area special is The Villas of Cairns, which features full-fledged detached housing, with all the luxury of a hotel. There won't be any guests noisily charging past your room trying to make a 4AM flight, nor will you endure the sounds of planes taking off overhead with all of the subtlety of rocket ships. Once your vacation ends, you'll hop in your car and be at the airport in 10 minutes, without any of the stress of so-called hotel convenience.

In other words, if you're coming to Cairns and considering which areas to stay, make sure to choose an option that doesn't require any compromise.

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