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What Accommodation Is In Cairns

About What Accommodation is in Cairns

As with most cities, if you head to the CBD, you'll find a selection of hotels that cram people into closely-spaced rooms. These are fine for people who only want to sleep in their hotel rooms and spend the rest of the time roaming around the city. But when you travel to Cairns, a tiny living space is exactly what you are trying to escape. Now, you're probably wondering what accommodation is in Cairns and what are the options?

The key here is to shift your perspective a little. Change your question from "what accommodation is in Cairns" to "what accommodation is near Cairns." By widening your selection area, you gain access to lodgings that are near or in nearby suburbs and towns, such as Edge Hill. That's how you'll find some Airbnb options like The Villas of Cairns, which are detached houses that give you plenty of space, peace, quiet, and privacy.

Thanks to this non-city location, you have easier access to activities like visiting the Great Barrier Reef, enjoying the tropical environment on land, seeing the nearby Botanical Gardens, hiking through parks, and even walking your dog. Yes, these houses are pet friendly!

The best part is, Edge Hill is still only a 10 minute drive to the city. In other words, you don't have to give up on plans to explore the CBD when you choose a house instead of a hotel. It's the best of both worlds!

Coming to Cairns and considering where to stay might seem like a bit of a head-ache, but it actually couldn't be easier! Check it out and see for yourself.

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