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The Best Place to Stay in Cairns is Just That Little Bit More Personal

And it's got a dash of luxury too

It’s no secret that Cairns is a beautiful tropical destination with plenty of things to see and do, but when you book a trip up north there always remains the question of where to stay.

Picture yourself snorkelling in the great barrier reef, exploring the ancient Daintree or simply sipping on a cocktail at a beautiful, beach-front restaurant. The only thing that’s missing is that perfect accommodation to make the trip all the more memorable.

There’s always the option of a hotel, but have you considered something a little more personal? Staying in an AirBnB offers you the opportunity to not only experience the same level of luxury and convenience, but also to see Cairns through the eyes of a local. 

With more space and a private backyard area to relax, an AirBnB is definitely the best place to stay in Cairns, especially for couples. 

To prove it, we sat down and had a chat with Brisbane couple, Patrick and Hrisoula, to hear about their experiences staying in our Luxury VILLA.

Read on to see what they had to say!

Tell us a little about yourselves.

We’re both from Brisbane and this is our first time coming to Cairns. I’m a counsellor and Patrick's a lawyer. This is our first holiday post Covid, or during Covid I guess.

How long was your stay?

We stayed for four nights.

What drew you to The VILLAS of Cairns?

I think it was the location. We really liked the sound of it being so close to the Botanical gardens. We thought it would be really nice for getting out and going for a jog in the afternoon. It just sounded like such a nice tree-surrounded, green location. And the house itself just looked beautiful. It looked really homey and it looked like it was decorated in such a nice way, and that's definitely our preference. We’d prefer to stay somewhere a little bit more personal rather than a hotel.

What was your favourite part about the stay?

So much actually, we loved the area that it was in. It was just so handy. It was a 2 minute, actually more like 30 second walk, to the Botanical Gardens, which had so many beautiful walking tracks that connected with another gorgeous park with some stunning wetlands. Right behind that, there’s this beautiful mountain that you can just hike up and have this amazing view over Cairns, the airport, and the whole bay, and it’s right on your doorstep.

View from Cairns Red Arrow

So Edgehill was definitely a highlight?

Yeah, the neighbourhood was amazing. There were some really trendy restaurants and cafes that were really delicious and so close again. We also just really loved driving through the Botanical Gardens every day. Anytime we went out for a day trip we had this beautiful jungle to drive through on the way out. That was definitely a highlight of the trip, it was amazing.

What did you think of the Luxury VILLA?

The house itself was just lovely. It was so well decorated. It had so many great facilities. Every room was so light with big windows that looked out onto bamboo. It was such a relaxing peaceful place to stay. We felt so relaxed everytime we walked in. It was just so comfortable.

What did you do while in Cairns?

We really loved it. We had a day out on the reef. We went to Kuranda on the scenic railway. So it was such a good spot to do so many day trips from. It seemed a little bit quieter than usual, just because of Covid. We did feel a bit selfish, as tourists ourselves, but we did enjoy the lack of a crowd everywhere we went. There was just so much to do. So many bush walks and the reef is just beautiful. 

Would you recommend the experience to others?

We would definitely recommend the accommodation for all those reasons. It was just such a beautiful spot to stay in. It’s such a good area to explore all of Cairns. Honestly we would recommend every part of the trip.


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