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Cairns Airbnbs With Private Pools

The ultimate holiday upgrade

Beautiful woman enjoying a cocktail floating in the pool. The Villas Of Cairns

Staying in a Airbnb with a private pool can be a luxurious and relaxing experience. Typically, Villas with private pools are standalone properties that offer more space and privacy than a hotel room or apartment. They come in different styles and sizes, from small, cozy Villas to large, multi-bedroom properties, but all have a private pool.


Upon arrival, you'll find your own private oasis: a secluded area with a swimming pool, sun loungers and parasols, and in some cases, garden furniture and a BBQ area, perfect for entertaining or relaxing.


Inside, the Villa is typically beautifully decorated with comfortable furnishings and features amenities such as air-conditioning, TV, WiFi, and a fully-equipped kitchen. The bedrooms are spacious and comfortable, and have en-suite bathrooms or shared bathrooms, depending on the Villa's layout.


Having your own private pool means that you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing at any time of the day without worrying about crowds or noise. It can also be used for more active activities such as pool aerobics or pool games with family or friends.


Moreover, the added privacy and seclusion of a Villa with a private pool can make it a great choice for romantic getaways or family vacations, or simply to enjoy some personal time in a relaxing environment.

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Relaxing scene by the pool with your beachtowel & cocktail by the private pool Villa
Young women having a fun time by the pool @ The Villas Of Cairns
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